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The Real Matrix and How to Escape It

The subject of the film, The Matrix came up in the comments of Yakaru’s blog, Spirituality is No Excuse lately, and it inspired me to write about something I’ve meant to approach for a while – the real Matrix.

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Messy Brexit and a Hotter New Year

Well done, you’ve survived another year, and so have I, even despite Christmas excess. The occasional discomfort in the upper torso was just indigestion, probably. At the end of December, or when we can be bothered to get round to … Continue reading

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Directly Down Life Faster Than The Life

The following was edited on 19 April 2011 to replace a post published on 10 April 2009. The original was harsher and caused offence. I deleted it, but was asked to repost it, so here it is in edited form. … Continue reading

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