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Bruce Lipton’s ‘Biology of Belief’ – Annotated with facts: the final summing up

Originally posted on Spirituality is No Excuse:
I have noticed an up-tick in people looking for information on Bruce Lipton and I assume this must have something to do with the Coronavirus and COVID-19. A brief check and I see…

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Lettersquash is Ten!

Wow, that’s amazing, I’ve been doing this blogging malarkey for a freaking decade! I thought I’d interrupt my work on another post to celebrate this entirely arbitrary fact. Yay! It’s arbitrary, of course, because apes might not have had eight … Continue reading

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Wild-camping Blog Followers…

Hi, this is just a quick note to followers who came to this blog ( for the wild-camping articles. Since I split the blog and moved that content (the camping posts) to a new blog (, you will now not … Continue reading

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Blog Split

I’ve just streamlined the lettersquash blog. The current site will continue dealing with scepticism, science, pseudo-science, religion, and other areas of philosophy, without having to share the space with other stuff. Those followers who are interested in these subjects should … Continue reading

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WARNING: You May Be Being Liked Too Much!

I’ve taken the Like button off my blog. I’ve disabled the Like feature entirely, in fact. You can’t Like me anymore. I don’t want to be Liked! I know, it’s the posts you’re Liking, but even so – go and … Continue reading

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Hello world!: (by) a useless article

Well, not exactly “Hello World!”, since I’ve been here for forty-seven years already. I thought long and hard about this blog’s name and kept trying out different domains to see whether they’d been taken or not. I’m shocked there are so … Continue reading

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testing a post-posted post for publishing as if a year ago

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