Hello and welcome to the lettersquash blog…

…a compilation of my educational interests and hobbies.

042headI go by the name of lettersquash here (real name, John). I’m a 50-something man living in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England with my partner and a very stupid cat.

Main Sections of the Blog:

  • Culture – science, religion, pseudoscience, philosophy, etc.

I write articles here from a sceptical, empiricist-rationalist position, although I hope I’m open minded and ready to be challenged. I used to be a ‘mystic’, into yoga, Buddhism, etc., now atheist/agnostic. My partner is a Christian, and I try to respect people’s differences. I dislike the militant end of atheism.

  • Hobbies – cycling, backpacking, motorcycling, cooking.

I like camping, wild camping especially (or that’s what I tell myself). I have an old racing bike I’ve converted for touring, an MZ 250 cc motorbike (heavens, I haven’t blogged about the MZ yet!), and a Laser Competition tent.

If you want to look for specific categories of posts, they’re all organised under the menu, or click on the header (lettersquash) for the usual blog view with the latest post at the top.

Comments from visitors are very welcome. I moderate the first post from new visitors to avoid spam. After that, you’re one of the gang. You can subscribe to further comments on that post and/or subscribe to new posts when I publish them. I only post new material pretty infrequently – I aim for quality rather than quantity – so your inbox won’t be full of endless notifications.

I hope you enjoy the blog.




2 Responses to About

  1. Paul says:

    i came across your article while researching lightweight fuels for solo camping. I do like the charcoal idea, it burns along time and creates a lot of heat and one can add wood later for a soothing effect

    i am also interested in philosophical matters. I am also 50 something , well its quite a pity you live in Yorkshire as I would like to know some free campers based in London to plot trips with. I need some motivation and encouragement

  2. lettersquash says:

    Cheers, Paul, thanks for your feedback – I need some motivation and encouragement too, both for wild camping and blogging, so your comment is very much appreciated. I’m confident you’ll find people to camp with down your end of the country if you search on forums or social media. I’d meet up with you myself sometime, but I prefer wild camping alone. I’ve heard that the Dartmoor authorities are fairly relaxed about wild camping if it’s done respectfully, if you’re prepared to travel a bit first.

    Lately I’ve just used charcoal as an emergency fuel, to help if there’s not much in the way of dry sticks, but I understand (from experts – I just dabble!) that it should rarely be necessary if you know how to use the landscape. I did test this on my last trip – it rained overnight and I forgot to gather some sticks to store under the flysheet, but in the litter on the forest floor there was still plenty of dry wood for my hobo stove once I stripped the bark off. Thanks again for dropping by, and happy camping!

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