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Indicative Votes

The British Parliament had their first round of indicative voting the other day and rejected all options on the ballot paper. They don’t want any kind of Brexit at all if possible. The problem is, the question put to the … Continue reading

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The Limits of Discussion

Sorry There Weren’t Any More Jokes I said in passing last time that I was depressed. There were more personal reasons for my depression than the (very depressing) Brexit and global warming, but I didn’t want to write about the … Continue reading

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Messy Brexit and a Hotter New Year

Well done, you’ve survived another year, and so have I, even despite Christmas excess. The occasional discomfort in the upper torso was just indigestion, probably. At the end of December, or when we can be bothered to get round to … Continue reading

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Do We Have Free Will?

I remember as a child reading something about “the will” and thinking how odd it was that philosophers talked about it like they might talk about an object. The will? Don’t we just do stuff? I haven’t thought a lot … Continue reading

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Lettersquash is Ten!

Wow, that’s amazing, I’ve been doing this blogging malarkey for a freaking decade! I thought I’d interrupt my work on another post to celebrate this entirely arbitrary fact. Yay! It’s arbitrary, of course, because apes might not have had eight … Continue reading

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Thirty-four Strange Questions: Part 2 (18-34)

I’m continuing where I left off in my mostly-chapter-titles book review of Roger Carswell’s Christian apologetics, Before You Say “I Don’t Believe”. In Part 1, I introduced the next question: (18) Have you ever wondered why, unlike other leaders, Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Thirty-four Strange Questions: Part 1 (1-17)

This is a review of the book, Before You Say “I Don’t Believe” by Roger Carswell. I’m doing it in two parts to keep the chunks down a bit. Luckily, while I’m failing to make much progress on the difficult … Continue reading

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Wild-camping Blog Followers…

Hi, this is just a quick note to followers who came to this blog ( for the wild-camping articles. Since I split the blog and moved that content (the camping posts) to a new blog (, you will now not … Continue reading

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A Naturalistic Explanation of Suffering

Last time, I noted something of a gap in the results of internet searches on the origin of suffering. I didn’t see any naturalistic explanations, at least in the first page, just supernatural ones and the odd bit of anthropocentric … Continue reading

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The Scientific Christian, Part 4: Have You Stopped Torturing Dinosaurs Yet?

I promised myself that I’d finish my review of Nick Hawkes’ Who Ordered the Universe?, and, after a very long delay, I’m finally getting round to it! This will be the final part, I hope, my assessment of the third … Continue reading

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