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Jordan Peterson’s Twelve Rules: #4) Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today

Having arrived at Jordan Peterson’s fourth “rule for life”, I will skip the repetitive introduction about the series. Instead I’ll give a link to the point in the video that I’m critiquing where Peterson begins talking about each rule, so … Continue reading

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Brexit. Best of Three?

That’s what I usually say when I’ve I lost the first game of pool (which is usual): “Best of Three?” Or two! – if we could just do it again and take the second answer, but everyone wake up this … Continue reading

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Keeping Our Heads: Global Politics and Conspiracy Theories

Prompted by the arrival of a new commentator, Paul, I decided to approach the thorny subjects of global politics and conspiracy theories. Paul posted a link to wikispooks (User:Peter) in a comment, saying that the preamble there was also his … Continue reading

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