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Jordan Peterson’s Twelve Rules: #2) Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

In this series, I’m going through a talk by Jordan Peterson on his twelve rules for life, assessing them one by one in the context of Peterson’s approach to life and politics. It’s time for part two… Treat yourself like … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson’s Twelve Rules: #1) Stand Up Straight with your Shoulders Back

Introduction to the Series This is the first of a new twelve-part series on Dr Jordan Peterson’s Twelve Rules for Life. I will assess each rule, one per post, as he presents it in this talk, given at the How … Continue reading

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Me and Jordan Peterson on the Couch

Well, this looks like being a lot more fun than I expected. I said a while back that I had been debunking people who were almost unknown, and perhaps ought to take on some high profile disseminators of misinformation. I … Continue reading

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Lettersquash is Ten!

Wow, that’s amazing, I’ve been doing this blogging malarkey for a freaking decade! I thought I’d interrupt my work on another post to celebrate this entirely arbitrary fact. Yay! It’s arbitrary, of course, because apes might not have had eight … Continue reading

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