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Keeping Our Heads: Global Politics and Conspiracy Theories

Prompted by the arrival of a new commentator, Paul, I decided to approach the thorny subjects of global politics and conspiracy theories. Paul posted a link to wikispooks (User:Peter) in a comment, saying that the preamble there was also his … Continue reading

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A Critique of “The Truth About Organic Farming” by Christie Wilcox

I was reading an article at Yakaru’s excellent blog, Spirituality is No Excuse, when I stumbled into a discussion about organic farming with someone who commented there. Woody seemed – I thought – to lump together “organic fanatics” with “Ufology … Continue reading

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My Pocket Charcoal Chimney

Yeehar! I think I’ve finally cracked it! The weeks of thinking and design and testing and buying and taking back to the shop and nearly setting the house on fire are finally over! Not only that, I think I may … Continue reading

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